The last day in Macon

Yesterday, the Belgian Fire Observers stayed for their last day in Macon. Several visits were schedulled, it started with a visit to the Fire Prevention Unit.

During this visit, a firefighter came in to report that there was a working fire and if we wouldn't pass by for a minute. A few moments later, 10 firehungry Belgians raced thru the streets, following the smoke signs. At least they had to see some fire...

Due to this housefire, the visit to the ARFF-service was cancelled so they went to a uniformshop...I think some creditcars are in a pretty bad shape right now...

The local media welcomed the firefighters back at Station 10 for an interview just before the farewell dinner with Macon Fire started.

Everyone returned back to their quarters to pack their bags, to have some nice last moments with the Macon firefighters and to catch the last calls. Paul and Bo responded for a bomb threat downtown but it turned out to be a false alarm.

This morning, the Belgian Fire Observers and the Macon firefighters said their goodbye's and a 400 Mile trip to Orlando began.

They stopped for a lunch in Jacksonville where they've met with some old friends.


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