A firefighter can be a tourist sometime...

It's been three days since the Fire Observers left the Citby of Macon Fire-Rescue Department as honorary firefighters. They'll had a great time with their firefighterbrothers but you, all good times come to an end.

Right now, are Belgian friends are living like tourists. They left Macon on Tuesday for Orlando. They had lunch with some friends down in Jacksonville.

Wednesday they've visited EPCOT center which was quite amazing. The day ended with nice big fireworks over the lake.

Another scientific/tourist day on Thursday cause Kennedy Space Center was schedulled.  Awesome...huge...terrific...amazing....were some of the words coming from the Belgium party. They even saw the space shuttle Discovery which has a launch attempt next monday for one of the last shuttleflights to the ISS.

Today, they will spend their last day in Orlando with visits to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure.

Stay tuned!


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